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RE-Invest 2015

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IREDA Make In India Confederation of Indian Industry | CII Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

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20 Jul 2015New Delhi, India

MNRE Announcement: RE-Invest 2016

09 Jul 2015New Delhi, India

RE-Invest 2015: Key Statistics

18 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

RE-Invest 2015 concluded at 1800hrs

17 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

Collection of Embassy Passes

14 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

Collection of State Delegation Passes

14 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

Collection of Media Passes

13 Feb 2015National Media Centre, India

Curtain Raiser Press Conference

13 Feb 2015Nation, India

Collection of Delegate Passes

12 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

Delegate Registrations Closed

09 Feb 2015New Delhi, India

Interaction with Hon'ble Minister Shri Piyush Goyal on "Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy Sector"

06 Jan 2015New Delhi, India

RE-Invest Roadshow: Amsterdam

05 Nov 2014Amsterdam, Netherlands

RE-Invest Roadshow

04 Nov 2014Paris, France

RE-Invest Roadshow

03 Nov 2014Hamburg, Germany

RE-Invest Roadshow

16 Oct 2014London, UK

RE-Invest Roadshow

13 Oct 2014Hyderabad, INDIA

RE-Invest Curtain Raiser Press Conference Shastri Bhawan

30 Sep 2014New Delhi, INDIA